Attorney Nicoleta Victoria Bedrosian has graduated from the Faculty of Law within the West University from Timişoara in 2006.

Att at law Nicoleta Bedrosian holds a master’s degree in Business Law, from West University of Timișoara, – Faculty of Law.

She became an attorney in 2009 and has been practicing law within the Bar of Timiș County ever since.
Currently, Mrs. Nicoleta Bedrosian is a coordinating partner attorney within “Ligia Cătuna Law Office”.

She has distinguished herself in the field of legal advice and litigations.

She has attended international congresses and specialization courses under the aegis of the European Union.

She is a certified expert in Human Resources and has authored several articles and books in the field.

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Civil procedure law. general part. seminar notes

Ed. C.H.Beck, Bucharest, 2009, 2014

Organizarea şi exercitarea profesiei de avocat, Sinteze şi grile
(The organization and exercise of the lawyer’s profession, Synthesis and grids.)

Publishing House Universul Juridic, Bucharest, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016

International employment law – chapter afferent to romania

Juris Publishing, New York, U.S.A., 2012, 2014

Professional experience in the fields of

Labour Law – legal advice and litigation

Civil and commercial contracts

Administrative and fiscal legal proceedings

Foreign languages




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